Monday, 30 September 2013

Some Craft Queen Goodies

After a fun (albeit short) weekend away, I haven't been able to get to my creation station, but I will post this layout I made a few weeks ago for Nicole over at Craft Queen . Pop on over and have a look at the yumminess in her shop! Everything on this page is from Craft Queen and I usually don't scrap about myself, but I have found of late that having more faith (in a greater being or whatever you want to call it) helps balance out the worries in life and I've really set my mind to being more positive and optimistic and not let my worries get the better of me. These days I count my blessings more often than not.  So I did actually enjoy creating this rare page of moi :)

A couple of closies:

You can get your hands of some lovely little metal embellies at Craft Queen too. I love this little owl and clock. Thanks for calling in. It's much appreciated. xx


  1. Gorgeous photo of you and gorgeous layout. Love all the Craftqueen goodness and I love your journalling. x

  2. Beautiful title and journalling! Loved this layout on CQ's blog so want to pass the love on! Its such a lovely photo and perfectly scrapped!

  3. Looove this photo of you Jo...your reflection and decision is powerful and I'm sure will lead to a happier you. Beautiful muted tones and the dreamy photo make this a fave for me :)

  4. Ah Jo I had this same crisis of faith when I hit about 45 and I chose to have more faith. I started with the daily affirmations and I also started a gratitude journal which was the best thing I could have ever done. Once I did that I began to realise just how much time we spend worrying and half the time the things we worry about don't pan out :D I hope this leads you on a happier path - although it won't always be easy or smooth it is definitely a happier one. This is a beautifully soft reflective layout perfect for you subject. Love that photo of you too. Fave for me as well. xox