Saturday, 1 April 2017

Catching up on overdue projects....

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great weekend! The first day of April has brought slightly cooler weather. A relief from the intense, continuous heat we've been experiencing. We're on the count down now to our next big adventure....only six weeks now so I really want to get all the projects up to date that have been sitting around for a while.  Firstly though I have decided that this time I'm going to create my own Travel Journal to take with me. I purchased a cheap A5, spiral bound, sketch book and I plan to pre-prepare my pages, adding a few keepsake envelopes here and there. So today I finally made a start on it. It will be a work in progress over the coming weeks so stay tuned for the transformation of this little book.  
I downloaded a freebie map for the front and back covers and I'm tossing around ideas for the inside of the covers which hopefully I'll get done tomorrow.

I popped some washi tape along the top and bottom edges for added protection. I probably won't decorate the front cover too much until after our trip because it will get knocked around with all the handling.

The inside covers maybe a bit of a challenge, but hey! who isn't up for a challenge? :D

I found these adorable wooden Postcards at the Kaisercraft shop (on sale!!!) last week which will be perfect for the front and back covers of the postcards that I intend to buy and write on whilst away. They measure 6x4, so I'll keep a lookout for the smaller sized postcards.

The other project I finally started today was some PL pages I've been wanting to do of our DD. These pages will be a small snippet of what she's been up to in the two & a half years since she returned to live in Oz. She certainly leads a busy and full life and makes the most of every opportunity. I've been pretty keen to play with my Flutterby Designs stash and the "Wild Bohemian" kit is just perfect for this project. The sentiments on the cards, I'm convinced, were purpose made for our Girl :D

It's only one page for today, but at least it's a start!  Thanks for looking and as I've said, I'll be posting the Travel Journal progress over the coming weeks.  It's after wine-time so I must be off. Take care xx

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  1. Love the cover of your travel journal just the way it is and France sigh how exciting ! Look forward to hearing all about your adventure. The PL is looking great , I am itching to do some PL , just need more hours in the day.