Sunday, 10 March 2013

Last post for a while.....promise!

I am on such a role this weekend, only because I won't get to do any creating for another couple of weeks at least as I'll be working full time for a while :(  So I put this layout together at the last minute. I'm so behind in keeping up with my photos so I wanted to make the most of this weekend. I was even able to fit in a little bit of gardening as well, I don't know how - I must have plucked the time out of my proverbial!!!

I really loved Elise's enthusiasm this year, probably because she was leaving her homeland only a week later.  Tim was leaving the next day, so we made the most of the weather & our time together before we had to all say goodbye. After the obligatory cricket match, I was happy to see the two of them revert to their childhood shenanigans for just a little while. And I don't think Elise took that ridiculous hat off all day :)


  1. Such a fun, happy layout, looks like you had a great day x

  2. Brilliant ....Lots to love here Jo....the design, colours, journaling around the edge, photos, and the perfect embellies....LOve it all!! :)