Sunday, 17 February 2013

Creation Station transformation update

Happy Sunday all! Well I haven't been creative in nearly 4 weeks now and boy is it showing!  I tend to get a little tetchy when I don't have my regular therapy. The only thing that has kept me sane in the last week is the fact that I've been busy with my Scrap Room Make-over. I must say it wasn't stressful at all because I had firm ideas on what I wanted. My new room is so clean & stream-lined compared to how it used to be that I don't yet want to mess it all up. I tend to spread out & have everything everywhere when I'm working.
Anyway, I'm still moving boxes (Elise's mainly) & unpacking boxes in my scrap room, so the chances of me actually sitting down to scrap this week are virtually nil. Work also tends to eat into my scrap time too, but I have to pay for my new room some how :)
Here is a couple of before shots:

Talk about a mish-mash of furniture & storage! That chest of drawers is about 25 years old, so it went to a new home in the garage sale on the weekend :) Here is the progress with freshly cleaned carpets as well.

New desk & a perfect fit!

Drawers from Elise's room, which have now been filled with my punches, Big Shot accessories, Cricut accessories, stationery etc.

And this is the best bit. This is a book shelf that my Dad made for us quite a few years ago for our library/Elise's office.  However, when she packed up I transferred my books to her book shelves (just while she is off exploring the world), and we moved this big old thing into my new scrap room.  I wanted a colour scheme that wouldn't date too quickly so settled on the good old black & white. Most of the storage containers eg. baskets, boxes etc I picked up at The Reject Shop very inexpensively :) Three of the baskets contain my wood-mount stamps and the other three contain my embellishments sorted into categories eg. masculine, feminine & unisex. I've covered some 12 x 12 tins & boxes with black & white wrapping paper to match my theme. The clear containers come from Craftainers which I've had for years. They are so versatile. Anyway now I don't have to rummage through boxes stored under my desk to find embellies etc. And my stamp collection had outgrown my old desk & hutch. My computer is now a lot closer to my work station which makes it easier to keep in touch with people & print photos while I work :) Gotta love that.

Oh and I even got a new light shade (there was only ever a boring old bulb), just to pretty things up a bit. This project isn't quite finished yet though. I have some floating shelves to put up yet to house my ribbons etc & the wall above my computer is where I'll display some of my work in 12x12 frames as well as a few other wall decorations.

So there you have it. The reason why I have entered no challenges of late.....I'm so having withdrawal symptoms :( But we have a week in Melbourne from the 24th, so there will be no creating being done in my new room until the beginning of March.  Thanks for dropping by & I'd love you to leave a comment xx


  1. Looking good Jo, I love your bookcase your Dad made the best also, and the baskets etc look really good, also love the light shade.
    Mary x

  2. Looks crisp, clean and organised Jo. Have a lovely mini break and bust out those creative juices when you get home :)

  3. Looks fabulous Jo. Love your colour choice. :)

  4. The room looks fabulous and just waiting for someone to start creating. I love the bookcase and baskets with tags but the clincher is the light, it reminds me of the movie Pollyanna and I'm sure you will find something to be 'GLAD' about everytime you walk into your new room. :)