Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas in Rothenburg

I just remembered I was going to share with you this pic I found of the magnificent Christmas Shop (probably the largest in Europe) we visited earlier in the year whilst in Rothenburg, Germany. Pete had to literally drag me out of it otherwise I would have spent the whole day in there instead of exploring this beautiful medieval town. This shop is made up of dozens of "rooms" in different themes & colours. As you can see in this room is  made to look like a village with Xmas stalls. As you enter the shop you can see the tip of this tree & as you get closer you have to descend a staircase where the sheer brilliance & size of the tree reveals itself. It took my breath away. All the staff are dressed in traditional costume too. I did manage to purchase a few trinkets at least, but this tree needs to be seen to appreciate the sheer size of it. Hope you feel all fuzzy inside like I do when I look at this pic :)

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  1. Wow that is just magical, I think we went to that town, but didn't see this shop:( , is it on the Rhine River ?
    Thanks for sharing , it is just beautiful

    Mary x