Monday, 2 November 2015

Pocket Page Letter...

I almost forgot to upload pics of the last pocket page letter that I sent to a lovely lady in October via Scrapping Clearly. This was the criteria:

Now I do like a bit of glitter/bling so here is the pocket page that I sent off to my recipient:

The cute little mason jar is from my friend Mary and I created a little sequined confetti pocket as well as cutting a few words with a Tim Holtz die. Here is the reverse:

I really like creating these little pockets but I've had to put it on the back-burner for a while due to other commitments, but hopefully I'll be able to join the group again in the near future. But you never know if one of these will turn up in your mailbox as well over the next few months as time allows :) Keep an eye out!


  1. OMGosh Jo, beautiful pocket letter and lucky recipient
    Mary x

  2. Very lovely. How lucky is your recipient!

  3. Giggles.....a bit of glitter, eh?? Just a bit?!!! This is lovely....those jars have featured in my pockets, too! Hope everything is going swimmingly, & I'm sure you'll get back to these sooner or later):)

  4. I really want to play along with these but with our postal system it is just not going to happen :( they look such fun. I used to do a lot of ATC swaps long ago and I love these little works of art. They look fab Jo.