Saturday, 27 September 2014

Playing with Flowers Part 4...

I'm back again today for the final instalment of Playing with Flowers. I've really enjoyed my time as Guest Designer at SCRAPPERS GARDEN, thank you so much Linda Thompson for having me and allowing me to show off your wonderful flowers. Well as promised I am going to show you this week's project using the delectable Scrappers Garden flowers. BUT for something totally different for me, I created a canvas AND I've also included some step by step photos on how to get the "faux silk" background using tissue paper.

Firstly I Gessoed my canvas. After it dried I let loose with Modge Podge to glue on the tissue paper. But first I cut the tissue paper to size and screwed it up in a little ball to get as many crinkles in it as I could. I then spread it out roughly over the Modge Podge leaving as many creases in it as possible.

I then layed down some plasterers tape for more texture and used texture paste with a circle stencil and a clock stencil over the top of the tissue paper, being careful not to tear the paper as I was going.

Once that was dry I went to work with the mist sprays (Purple & Lime Green) and then played around with the flowers and title until I was happy with the placement.

The lovely Scrappers Garden flowers were all mostly purples & mauves to start with but I got a bit carried away with the mists. I also used  metal cogs & flowers & a Prima resin staircase. When I was happy with the placement of everything I Gessoed over the cogs and then added more purple & green mist. I then added a script stamp and rub ons randomly.

I glued everything down, sprayed more purple mist over the flowers, added some white paint and Glimmer Glaze here and there and while it was all drying I worked on the title, which I cut with the Cricut. I coloured the first two words black and then decided that the word "Beautiful" needed some "oomph" so I glued on tiny, tiny purple beads and then randomly glued some more tiny, tiny beads in patches around the canvas - yes I know.... it seemed like a good idea at the time :/

 Drying time again, glued on the title and here is how it turned out...

This is an 8 x 10cm canvas which I found quite manageable. Some of the elements are a tad hard to see in this pic but I have used little mauve pearls for the metal flowers centres. The Scrappers Garden flowers held up extremely well under the extra mist, paint and Glimmer Glaze, so don't hesitate to alter them if you need to :)

I hope you enjoyed my little blog today. Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to check out the Scrappers Garden store.


  1. This is fresh and crisp Jo - just like a Spring garden in full bloom. Thanks for the process video and the tips on faux silk. I am going to have a try at that; the effects gorgeous :D

  2. Wow all those tiny beads! that must have taken some patience. Fantastic tutorial Jo and the way things are in the world today it is a nice reminder that there are still beautiful things
    Mary x

  3. I love these colours together. I think they are wonderful. Love the faux silk thing. Will have to give it a try I reckon. Looks great with all the texture on it too. Fab canvas.

  4. Such a pretty project! Lovin' all the blossoms!

  5. Such a pretty and gorgeous canvas! A super colour combination and love the mix of cogs and blooms! The sentiment is this one! x