Saturday, 16 November 2013

CSI #98 Special Investigator

Well hello again. Another week, another CSI: Colour, Stories Inspiration challenge. This is my Special Investigator design for this week. Now the colour scheme really took me out of my comfort zone. Mainly because I very rarely use mauve or purple in a layout, let alone combine it with these colours. When Debbi sent me the Case File my first reaction was "What the?!!! what on earth am I going to do with those colours?"  But once I sat down & did a bit of brain storming (I know! a miracle in itself!) I realised that if I used a small amount of mauve/purple as a highlight, it would go quite nicely with the other colours in the scheme. And of course I just love aqua blue, so that combined with my other fave colour of green I found that I wasn't so daunted by the Challenge. Another important aspect for me was incorporating my journalling. So this time I started with the story & then worked the design around that.

Here is the Case File:

And here is my take. And a big thank you to Steve Hill for providing the photo :)

I hope you have time to have a go at the challenge this week. Thanks for calling in :)

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  1. lol I love everyones reaction to purple... something that has never crossed my mind about purple or any other colour for that matter... :D You brainstorm worked a treat and you have created a very special layout here Jo...