Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Where oh where is the warm weather???

Yes I admit it has been a little warmer over the last few days, however it is Spring's way of giving us a false sense of security. Hence the forecast for more cold, windy weather in the coming days :(  However, it is a new month & so I'm attempting to catch up on my scrapbooking.

The photo I took of my son's shoes was just crying out to be scrapped. You may, or may not know that purple isn't my fave colour to scrap & I had the double dilemma of trying to keep it masculine. Anyway let me know if I succeeded;
I found the glitter cardstock in my stash that was perfect for this page. I also made my own tag & stamped it with the music notes.

In the mean time, I'm plodding along with our travel pics. This is the latest page:

This is one of the most beautiful towns we visited along the Danube, with wonderful views down to the river, as the town is built quite high. Cobblestone streets with quaint little stores selling traditional Austrian clothes, creamy ice cream, clocks, wine & shops with interesting little knick knacks. I haven't enhanced these photos at all, so the sky was really a vibrant blue this day. I have a whole stack of other photos of Durnstein, so I will do another post when I've finished with them. The age of the buildings in these towns, as well as the castles, is mind-boggling. We just couldn't get enough of wandering the streets here.

Thanks for dropping by again. I'd love to get some constructive feedback so feel free to leave a comment.
Enjoy your day :)

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