Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A rainy day means creation day

Hi fellow scrappers, just thought I'd share my layout for the November Sketch Challenge over at The Palace Gardens in Prague were so pretty & their lawns were filled with daisies, so I couldn't resist a little sit amongst them to soak up the sunshine. Another Griswald moment: we attempted to have lunch a cafe' in the gardens. We both ordered the very same meal & after an hour's wait (& reminding the waiter on several occasions), Pete's meal was brought out but not mine. After several complaints to the waiter my meal failed to appear (surprise, surprise - it's a family tradition for our meal orders to be forgotten where ever we go) & by this time Pete had finished, so we left the cafe' after giving the waiter a serving - pardon the pun. The waiter seemed to understand english & even if he didn't, it was quite clear that he hadn't brought two meals to our table in anyone's language. So this photo is of me looking half starved - well not quite but I did have a doughnut for lunch just to add to the 5kgs that had sneakily stowed away on my body somewhere between Paris & Prague. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. This is gorgeous Jo, love the touches of blue, you poor thing missing out on a meal grrrrrr, I would not have been impressed!