Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Welcome to my little creative world

I've finally bitten the bullet and started a blog (although it's still a work in progress), not because I think anyone is interested in anything that I have to say about anything, but to make it easier for me to be a more active member of this wonderful paper crafting world that I have found myself in. If, as a happy consequence, you find yourself making a return visit to this blog, I hope that it is because I've inspired you in some way, or that I have made you more curious about this creative journey that I'm on. If you are reading this, then I already know that you are curious, so thank you for dropping by and I hope you keep enjoying the journey with me. 


  1. Awesome Jo !!!
    Welcome to blog world
    To add buttons etc u copy the code then go into dashboard... Then design... Add gadget ... Into HTML paste into body or you can go to add picture (in add gadget and add a link via that)
    Hope i've helped ... Not so sure I suggest just to fiddle around you'll soon get it!!
    If I can I'm sure you won't have any probs
    Xxx Kim

  2. Yay Jo!! Have fun in the blogging arena!

  3. Good on you Jo. Have fun.... Looking forward to seeing more of your stunning creations. :) xx

  4. I have tried to leave a couple of comments, they dont seem to be showing up :( Anyhoo well done Jo, look forward to following your creative journery

    Mary x

  5. Wooohooo Jo welcome to the world of blogging, love your background, and can't wait to see what else you add, hugs and love xo